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The Services we offer

Take a look below to see which package is most appropriate for your situation. If you would like a no obligation chat, please feel free to call or email.

New Baby | 0 - 6 months

This package will give you confidence in establishing great habits and routines which will set you in the right direction for your baby to learn those precious sleep skills. We will also discuss safe sleeping and tackle common challenges for young babies. It is also a perfect way to ask all your questions relating to your little sleeper (45 mins)


Bespoke for you | 6 months - 6 years

Everything you need to address any sleep problems that you're having with your infant/child.


-Sleep diary templates & detailed assessment questionnaire prior to consultation

-Consultation lasting between 60-90 mins, covering your questions, discussing the issues and agreeing an appropriate sleep strategy for you to use

-After the appointment, we will email a summary of the agreed plan plus any other relevant information

-3 follow up 30 min phone calls (to be used within 3 months)


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Bespoke for your child age 7-16 yrs

No child or young person is beyond being able to improve their sleep! This consultation package will support you the parent, and your child through assessing sleep needs, what the sleep problems are, and tangible, evidence based, realistic solutions.


-Sleep diary templates, assessment form pre consultation

-Consultation lasting 60-90 mins (depending on your child's age, with or without them present)

-After the appointment, we will send you a suggested sleep plan with any relevant resources

-Further call to agree the sleep plan/or make changes/answer questions

-Follow up support calls to check in and see how the plan is going (usually 3 calls, must be used within 4 weeks of receiving sleep plan)

-Final call to sign off


Group workshop | antenatal - 5 years

Get a group of friends together and we'll come to your home or agreed location and spend 90 mins with you. We will address how babies sleep, what to expect at different developmental stages, some good habits to establish and what to avoid.

Each family also receives a 20% discount for a Bespoke Package

per family

Contact us to discuss one off or additional calls

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